Turtles are kool because they make good pets and require little attention and care and most importantly THEY ARE SUPER CUTE especially sea turtles :)

I like turtles a lot and I hope you do to!


turtles are cool because they are found all over the world

turtles are cool because they can out swim a shark

turtles are cool because they are very social.

if a turtle escapes to the open ocean they swim for days looking for a floating seaweed raft.

turtles predators as babies are: sharks ,crabs, jellyfish. As adults the predators are sharks and humans

only 1 turtle out of about 1000 turtles make it to adult hood R.I.P

so when the turtle reaches adulthood(if it survives)the turtle then goes back to its home beach. Turtles have a natural compass and know were there home beach is.


the turtle then goes to the reef at its beach where it relaxes for a few days and then goes to mate with a male or female sea turtle.

after the mating season the turtles go back to the open ocean